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posted : Dec 18, 2012 @ 08:06PM pst

So, I've been really quiet for the last couple of months... because I snuck away and got breast implants! I'm now an official B Cup! Hahaha.

Seriously though. I went from a nothing cup to a B cup and I'm very excited about it. I had the Surgery in August and I'm now...

Following Up

posted : May 25, 2012 @ 09:12PM pst

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Judas does GodsGirls

posted : May 18, 2012 @ 05:00PM pst listening to : my kitty snoring


I always have a small bit of dread when it comes to introductions... They're kind of like 'about me' sections of profiles and I'm not very good at them. So I'm going to give you guys thirteen fun things about me instead....

about Judas

Name Judas
Age 21
Gender Female
Relationship Status Single
Sexy Orientation Straight
Occupation Captain
Location Dallas
Hometown I'm not from town.
Sign Cancer
Why Im a GodsGirl If I'm going to be naked on the internet what better place to be?
Superhero Power Shapeshifter!
Weapon of Choice Crowbars and Knives
Music Cancer Bats
Movies The Lost Boys
TV Game of Thrones! [I don't have cable so that is all I am currently watching]
Food Italian. Mexican. Japanese.
Education College Student
Ethnicity Celtic Irish background... but thats a fancy way of saying that I'm white.
Birthday jul 13
Goals Try not to die... or get anyone else killed.
Bedtime attire A cute pair of panties and lots of skin!
Nerdy Secret Pleasure Lord of the Rings. Harry Potter. GaiaOnline. & Preparing for Halloween all year!
My Favorite GodsGirls This is still to be determined.
Unicorn or Pegasus? ...Kraken
if Patrick Duffy was shooting lazers at you how would you defend yourself? I would shoot lasers back. Show down.
My Websitefacebook.com/DorianDane