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i'm tired. posted : 12/05/14 at 02:23pm pst


i remember when i had time to write journals. that was nice.

i dont have time to do anything.



be alive


normal stuff.

here are some photos ray from amateur allure took of me when i was on set doing make-up. he makes me feel pretty.




i'm currently on set and people are fucking right next to me.


i miss halloween.



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yhivi posted : 10/20/14 at 12:20pm pst

 i did make-up on @yhivi for amateur allure. i really like yhivi. i would like to kidnap her because she is so cute



that's all bye

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my favorite season has started. posted : 10/10/14 at 09:02am pst






here are some photos done by my friend https://www.facebook.com/thestudio8687





i met some of my favorite drag queens:




im tired bye


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kidnapping godsgirls posted : 07/02/14 at 03:36pm pst


i am anxiously awaiting my weed delivery and i know they will send the same idiot so i will be here forever.

i haven't updated for awhile and i wanted to share with you that i have kidnapped some amazing godsgirls.

@gypsy came to visit with her lovely friend robyn. i got to see her for a night and i wish i could have spent more time with

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such easter. so preview. many egg posted : 04/02/14 at 11:38am pst

 here are some easter previews.

i am dead inside.




since i am at work doing make-up and there is a spread vagina next to me, i will keep this journal semi short.


went to monsterpalooza. saw some creatures.







here are some other random things and stuff and photos and i'm dead inside

@annaliese and kelly







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