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about Homunculus

Name Homunculus
Gender Genderqueer
Relationship Status Married
Sexy Orientation Bisexual
Occupation Cat foster
Sign Pisces
Why Im a GodsGirl I love being naked and I love girls. The best of the best.
Superhero Power I'm the slayer.
Sexual fantasy i want zayn malik to slap me around and dominate me!!!!
Weapon of Choice Telekinesis
Hobbies Reading, playing with my cats,
Music 1d, milky chance, 5sos, lorde, hozier, twiapb, pity sex, franciose hardy, MCR, NMH
Movies any studio ghibli movie, anything with ellen page in it. pretty much anything scifi.
Books this is a very loaded question.
TV The Office, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, X-Files, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Tegan and Sara
Art Frida Kahlo
Food I'm a vegan. I will eat ANYTHING that is vegan.
Education College sux but im doing it
Ethnicity White as hell
Birthday mar 01
Who I Idolize godsgirl Hecate, Lorde, Zayn
Goals Foster more cats.
Bedtime attire Nothing generally!
Nerdy Secret Pleasure HUGE Pokemon and Sailor moon fan. I fucking love Dragon age.
Unicorn or Pegasus? Pegasus are evolved Unicorns.
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