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poguemahone Wow! Deliciously naughty. Love it. â¤ï¸

posted Nov 27, 2014 @ 11:09PM pst


 All the colors really pop in this set! I adore it so much <3 It's very cute!

posted Jul 16, 2011 @ 04:22AM pst


 you are fuckin sexy!!

posted Jan 30, 2009 @ 06:42PM pst

Kaia you're such a freakin fox


posted Nov 02, 2008 @ 06:38PM pst

Olive Harlow, you're so beautiful.

posted Nov 02, 2008 @ 09:25AM pst

Eddie Geez you're adorable.

posted Oct 30, 2008 @ 01:51PM pst

Amor loved this set!

posted Oct 29, 2008 @ 10:54PM pst

Jenna i want to jump in that pile with you PLEASEEEE.

posted Oct 29, 2008 @ 02:56PM pst

iheartmyak47 OMG Harlow is too 'effing adorable!

posted Oct 29, 2008 @ 10:26AM pst

Sadie Gorgeous. I love #36, you have such a beautiful face

posted Oct 29, 2008 @ 10:26AM pst

Romy love this! 

posted Oct 29, 2008 @ 04:47AM pst

Martini07 harlow is awesome

posted Oct 28, 2008 @ 10:21PM pst


posted Oct 28, 2008 @ 09:35PM pst

mitchell Sexy! Cute set. That is one lucky little robot.

posted Oct 28, 2008 @ 07:32PM pst

Shyla You are alarmingly gorgeous, you take my breath away every time!

posted Oct 28, 2008 @ 06:58PM pst

Elliott You are so sexy! Im in love. xoxo

posted Oct 28, 2008 @ 06:41PM pst

maraudingwombat Awesome new set!! Absolutely love it.. espeically the little blue robot in the last few!!! So cool!

posted Oct 28, 2008 @ 05:27PM pst

MrWiggly A Birthday and a fantastic week, I'd say your havein a killer week!

posted Oct 28, 2008 @ 05:01PM pst

Neko hot hot hot, love the last few pics especially, super cute

posted Oct 28, 2008 @ 04:29PM pst

shotgun77cure love the set ur stunning!!!!!! and damn those lucky stuffed animals wat i wouldnt give to be one them in this set lol

posted Oct 28, 2008 @ 03:47PM pst