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New Welcomes from Fennec!

posted : Oct 08, 2016 @ 01:31PM pst

Hello lovely humans of GodsGirls!  I am beyond excited to have made it through Purgatory, and to get the chance to get to know all of you and be a part of such a rad community <3  Like most, I find introductions a bit awkward and difficult, but I will try my hardest to give y’all a good idea of who I am! 

My name is Fennec,...

about Fennec

Name Fennec
Age 19
Gender Female
Relationship Status Open Relationship
Sexy Orientation Pan/I like everyone
Occupation artist, student, cam(cat)-model
Location Southern Ontario
Sign Gemini
About Me Forest dwelling, fire-spinning, sex positive, art loving weirdo
Why Im a GodsGirl To share my naked body with hot babes and vice-verca, for the rad community, to exercise self/artistic expression
Superhero Power Fire Manipulation
Hobbies flow arts, climbing trees, making art, sun basking, sipping red wine over interesting conversations, making out
Music trip-hop, experimental noise stuff, (post) rock, 90s hip hop, delta blues, dreamy downtempo, a little bit of everything...
Art Gustav Klimt, Alphonse Mucha, Egon Shiele
Education Pursuing Social Work B.A
Ethnicity Belorussian
Birthday jun 21
Goals to be always learning and growing and creating
Nerdy Secret Pleasure I can get seriously nerdy over ecology and animal/plant/fungi relationships!
My Websitehttps://twitter.com/fennec_xo