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Also, here's me with a wig on.

posted : Feb 13, 2013 @ 09:56PM pst

Pretty much all there is to say




posted : Feb 13, 2013 @ 09:48PM pst

Anyone wanna see...some new sets from me?

Cause I think I miss you guys, and I think i wanna send you guys some love.


of, life

posted : Mar 29, 2011 @ 08:23PM pst listening to : bob dylan-lonesome death of hattie carrol

wel, life.

you are so juvenile at times, just giving and taking wrecklessly.....my heart is not the same pure piece of flesh it once was, its pink with black spots.....

somewhere in me is that girl who could stare up at a tall tree and feel overwhelmed with its beauty against the purple sky, and the newbornn self, the woman who...

i love you.

posted : Mar 01, 2011 @ 10:23PM pst listening to : bowie

the pretty people, making the world a better place. they're all of you :)


go quickly

posted : Nov 15, 2010 @ 01:42PM pst

i'm growing out my hair.


and i got glasses.

about Ellie

Name Ellie
Age 22
Gender Female
Relationship Status In a Relationship
Sexy Orientation Straight
Occupation experiencer of things
Location TX
Hometown Texarkana
Sign Pisces
About Me hello hello, just a girl who loves to color and see the sky...i like to be enlightened, and see pretty things. I like to hear about peoples' dreams, and laugh about dumb stuff. I find the world some amazing/disgusting place that i like to explore.
Why Im a GodsGirl empowerment, creativity, self exploration, masturbation? all sorts of selfish resons.
Superhero Power i don't think i have one. i'm pretty mortal.
Sexual fantasy Karen-O.
Weapon of Choice sharp canine teeth
Hobbies drawing, painting, singing, being ridiculous
Music elliott smith, bob dylan, david bowie, beatles, jeff buckley, ben kweller, portishead, ladytron, radiohead, lamb, deadboy and the elephantmen, bjork, animal collective, skinny puppy, yeah yeah yeahs, dax riggs,,mark lanegan, cat power
Movies science of sleep, american psycho, the shining, Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Dark Crystal, Mysterious Skin, milo and otis, The Labyrinth, buffalo 66, The Neverending Story
Books the dream hunters
TV cartoons the history channel
Art salvador dali....y'know...just whoever.....i love art that makes me feel a certain way.
Food lucky charms cereal, veggie sushi, avacados, and gingerbread men
Education a little college.
Ethnicity snow white
Birthday feb 24
Who I Idolize david bowie
Goals i wanna be an illustrator one day, i want to be enlightened..
Bedtime attire whatever i fall asleep in
Nerdy Secret Pleasure cartoooooons. i'm also still really entertained by looking at my hand under a microscope.
My Favorite GodsGirls i love godsgirls...i love them all.
Unicorn or Pegasus? the last unicorn and none other.
if Patrick Duffy was shooting lazers at you how would you defend yourself? pixie dust.