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about Elle

Name Elle
Gender Female
Relationship Status Single
Sexy Orientation Straight
Occupation Alien Abductee
Location Canada
Hometown K'n-yan
Sign Pisces
About Me I used to be an art student years ago. Prior to going back to school in science I used to be a huge gamer and worked part time as a hair stylist. I am a huge alien freak.
Why Im a GodsGirl Express myself through photography and be part of this awesome community.
Superhero Power Lasers
Weapon of Choice knife, poison.
Hobbies crafts, painting, photography, gaming
Music Portishead, Crystal Castles, DarkThrone, etc.
Movies Too hard can't chose.
Books Too hard can't chose. AAAAaaaaa
TV Fringe
Art Make it drip
Food Pho
Education University
Ethnicity Caucasian French Canadian
Birthday mar 17
Who I Idolize I don't believe in having an idole.
Goals Be a mad scientist.
Bedtime attire Lace, garter belt, tentacles.
Nerdy Secret Pleasure Watching X-files
Unicorn or Pegasus? Talbuk