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No Title posted : 02/07/14 at 02:02pm pst

  So, last time I wrote I was waiting on the arrival of my darling little dragon...and now, today, she turns 2 months! Can she really be 2 months already? Boy does this time fly. So, without further ado...................

   I present to you Miss Arya Revanche


Born: 7 lbs 3 oz

Here she is at her first check up; 9 days old with her

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Maternity Images and Updates. posted : 11/23/13 at 12:02pm pst listening to:the sound of the rain

   First, the updates: I have less than 2 weeks left before my first child is due, I recently (as in over the last two weeks) moved -not from state but a town over...a lot to do when still working full time and being full time pregnant, well I guess they are the only two of any importance. 

   I feel like I've missed so much here and I almost

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My absense posted : 08/16/13 at 09:58pm pst
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hearts and such posted : 05/06/13 at 01:22pm pst

  So, heart testing mostly at an end though I still have two more appiontments with my cardiac specialist. Blah. So ready for this to be over. How much can one gal take? I feel like my life revolves around work, heart monitoring, cleaning house and repeat. I'm sure I'm not getting enough sleep and I'm purely exhausted. 


 I did however find

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Forgive my absense posted : 04/15/13 at 09:30am pst listening to:puppies snore

  This will be the 12th time I've written a journal this past month....and the first to be posted. Some times I hit the back space and instead of backing up on the line that I'm writing it takes me back a page.....so frustrating. 

  I've been a very busy girl with work and heart testing. Hopefully by May they will know why my heart is acting all

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