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Set Previews!

posted : Sep 30, 2016 @ 06:47PM pst listening to : The Doobie Brothers

I'm so excited about my upcoming sets! I keep forgetting to share previews with you guys on here! Censored instagram ones just aren't the same.... as promised, a few of my favorites from me three sets in queue right now and one that Im going to upload tomorrow!

From "Siren Song"

New Set Preview

posted : May 24, 2016 @ 01:27PM pst listening to : kings of leon - the bucket

 HOMG YOU GUYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS THESE PHOTOS OMGGGGGGG It's like impossible not to give away all the good shots in a preview but Im like going nuts over these fucking images and have to share a couple of my favorites. Ill save some in case @linz wants to post some of her...

Double Trouble

posted : May 21, 2016 @ 12:15PM pst listening to : Tiger Army

 Guyyyyysssss I'm so excited to share with you guys! me and @linz are doing a a set together monday! We are thinking about doing a video with it too! I'm not sure exactly what we are gonna do but we are gonna get together and get naked i know that much weeee! Afterwards I'm going to try and do another solo shoot up in the mountains at this...

RAIN BLAH oh and AP!

posted : Mar 15, 2016 @ 05:07PM pst listening to : Placebo - One of a Kind

Sooo unfortunately last week I had to postpone shooting my new sets (I turned one idea into two) because they're both outdoors and it was POURING rain last Friday, like out of nowhere. Haha. Damnit! So I'm going to try again this friday, the weather is supposed to be...


posted : Mar 09, 2016 @ 03:52PM pst listening to : logic - 'bounce'

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Name Danie
Age 24
Gender Female
Relationship Status In a Relationship
Sexy Orientation Bi
Occupation California
Location California
Sign Capricorn
About Me I don't know where I am or what I'm doing right now, but I'm happy.
Why Im a GodsGirl I like being naked. You should too.
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Birthday dec 29
Who I Idolize Joanna Angel
Goals Get my BA in Geography without losing my mind first.
Bedtime attire if i manage to take off my clothes before I hit the bed thats as good as it gets.
Nerdy Secret Pleasure Mahjong tiles? lmao
Unicorn or Pegasus? donkey
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