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Greetings Earthlings

posted : Oct 11, 2017 @ 07:02PM pst

Hi all!

So I made it through Purgatory and im now a GodsGirl, exciting times! I thought i'd take this opportunity to introduce myself to those of you who don't already know me. Before I do that though, I'd like to say a big thankyou to everyone for voting me through Purgatory, I'm excited by this opportunity and I'll get started on making some sets. I already have plans for some interesting ones.

Introduction stuff

I'm Cookie-Cosmos, I'm 25 years old and I'm trans. I'm non-binary but you can use she/her or they/them I don't really mind which, pick your pronoun poison I guess.

I'm polyamorus, I have 3 partners currently, one of whom i'm engaged to but refer to as my wife.

I make trans positive porn, which I produce and star in, often with my wife and partners. I produce content that portrays how I actually enjoy sex, not someone elses idea of how trans people should fuck. My content often has kink elements to it, because thats what I enjoy filming. I recently filmed a scene with Blath, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

In my spare time I play Warhammer 40k (imperium, for you folks out there that play too) and Im getting back into skating again. A lot of my youth was spent in skateparks and roller rinks and i'm trying to reclaim my old skill levels. I also play a lot of PC games, but I don't claim to be good at them.

Where can I find out more about you Cookie?

My twitter is here:

Tweets by Cosmos_Cookie

You can also watch the episode of BBC Three's Queer Britain I was in, my bit starts about 16:30 if you are in a hurry

It mostly goes into the camming side of what I do because it was filmed early in my career before I shifted to focus on film making.

And last but not least, If you wanted to meet in person im doing a screening of one of my films with Chelsea Poe, another GodsGirl, on the 30th of October in London. She'll be showing her film 'Fucking Mystic' which looks really hot, and I'll be showing 'Diffusion' (working title 'Cookies Artsy Bathtime')

Details for the event are here: https://m.facebook.com/events/367818760313361/?ti=cl

I'm looking forward to meeting/chatting to everyone and making some gorgeous sets!


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AHHHH, I'm so excited you made it through!!! Congrats! <3

posted Oct 11, 2017 @ 08:51PM pst

Cheers! Thankyou for your nice words on my purgatory page btw :3

posted Oct 12, 2017 @ 04:47AM pst

You are so welcome. *hugs* 

posted Oct 12, 2017 @ 04:21PM pst

Welcome :))

posted Oct 12, 2017 @ 03:17AM pst

:D :D :D so happy to have ya here

posted Oct 12, 2017 @ 03:53AM pst

*flailing excitedly*

posted Oct 12, 2017 @ 04:46AM pst


posted Oct 12, 2017 @ 04:28AM pst


posted Oct 12, 2017 @ 04:48AM pst

ohmygoodness i'm so happy you made it through!!! congrats :>

posted Oct 12, 2017 @ 10:30AM pst

SO HAPPY YOU"RE HERE!!! and gutted I'll be in Berlin for your screening. It looks like such a fun night!

posted Oct 12, 2017 @ 12:41PM pst

Welcome ! I'm so happy you are here with us <3

posted Oct 12, 2017 @ 11:56PM pst

Welcome!! So glad you made it through :) Can't wait to see your scene with Blath, oooh *_*

posted Oct 13, 2017 @ 04:36AM pst

YAYYY! I'm so happy to have you here!:):)

posted Oct 13, 2017 @ 01:54PM pst

So so happy you made it through! Welcome to unicornland! <3

posted Oct 14, 2017 @ 05:37PM pst


posted Oct 16, 2017 @ 06:41AM pst

Alright maaaaaate? Funny old world innit?

posted Oct 18, 2017 @ 10:46AM pst

Yayyyy! Cant wait to see the content you cook up fo us <3

posted Nov 18, 2017 @ 07:35AM pst

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