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Very perfect ðŸ˜ðŸ˜ðŸ˜ðŸ˜

posted Jun 04, 2019 @ 04:40PM pst


Yesss!  Not only are you super sexy in this set but the photographs are brilliantly done.  Excellent.  Whew....

posted Jul 14, 2015 @ 10:22AM pst


 Beautiful and excellent use of shower beer.

posted Apr 07, 2015 @ 11:41AM pst



posted Mar 29, 2015 @ 02:15PM pst


 You are so fucking awesome. And a mega babe

posted Mar 21, 2015 @ 12:51AM pst


 Redhead beauty <3 You are stunning in this set!!

posted Mar 19, 2015 @ 07:57AM pst

Merlot So cute *_*

posted Mar 19, 2015 @ 12:42AM pst



posted Mar 18, 2015 @ 10:09AM pst


 You are such a babe omg. <3

posted Mar 18, 2015 @ 08:58AM pst


 Whats that? You cant reach certain parts of your back so you need a helping hand? Why yes Conner, I'd be thrilled to help. All in the name of good hygiene, you know.

posted Mar 18, 2015 @ 06:52AM pst



posted Mar 18, 2015 @ 02:28AM pst


 Conner makes me wish everyday was St Patrick's day. 

posted Mar 18, 2015 @ 01:53AM pst


good lord, you are stunning! love this set

posted Mar 18, 2015 @ 12:36AM pst


 First, you are all kinds of adorable in this set. Second, that's some pretty amazing lighting for a shower. Third, it's all DIY, which is a lot more work on top of everything else. You've seriously got another incredible set here. Too much cuteness for my brain to handle. 

posted Mar 17, 2015 @ 11:29PM pst


 The amount of butt shots in this set <3________<3

posted Mar 17, 2015 @ 10:10PM pst


 Gorgeous! Green is definitely your color. 

posted Mar 17, 2015 @ 09:54PM pst


 You're so sexy, omg <3

posted Mar 17, 2015 @ 05:07PM pst

Tine You Look so good in green! Amazing set!!

posted Mar 17, 2015 @ 04:25PM pst

Birdie you body is just the most perfect ever and OH *swoon*

posted Mar 17, 2015 @ 03:02PM pst

Rita-May So lovely! This set is perfect!!

posted Mar 17, 2015 @ 02:30PM pst