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GG 2k14 Roundup posted : 12/22/14 at 11:17am pst

 My Christmas set from last year got refeatured! It got me thinking to how I've crammed a fuckload of stuff in this year. 
Also how Ive learnt my lesson not to take pictures without natural light because my face looks really yellow and my eyes are soooo red. I look high. Im not high. Just allergic to everything. Thank you to everyone who

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A Blog With Words & Stuff posted : 12/15/14 at 11:58am pst listening to:The Dresden Dolls
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Mostly Naked People posted : 12/01/14 at 03:11pm pst

Theres porn in this journal. Just sayin'. 

I'm gonna start with Berlin because Berlin is a good place to start.
I went to the Berlin Porn Film Festival! I'm a PROFESSIONAL. A professional lesbian.

A film I was in form earlier this year, Crystalline by Four Chambers, was showing the Lesbian Shorts category. Pretty cool.
Here's a lil pic stolen from

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im doing things. posted : 10/15/14 at 06:14am pst

 this is halloween this is halloween HALLOWEEN HALLOWEEN halloween halloween buh buh buh buh buh. 
have some previews!
this is called "Soulmates Never Die"
(yes, its another Placebo reference. what can i say. im predictable.)

i had some trouble coming up with what to do for halloween.

i ended up going with "Sexy Ghost" but i think the other ideas

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hack the planet. posted : 09/30/14 at 07:52am pst listening to:t-swift

 them times when you writin a journal and the page refreshes and you lose everything. 


ANYWAY. HELLO. lets try this again but i bet i forget something.

i was juuuust sayin how im really excited for this weeks sets! we are doing a BDSM theme and a load of our models decided to play with rope bondage, which is one of my fave things ever ever,

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Name Blath Age 21 Gender queer. Relationship Status Open Relationship Sexy Orientation pansexual. (i love pans) Occupation Photographer Location London, England, UK Hometown London Sign Leo About Me Pint-sized punk photographer who likes to get her pink out :D Why Im a GodsGirl Wh... Why... This is a silly question. Have you SEEN this site?! Superhero Power Endless pants forever. Sexual fantasy Weapon of Choice Bat. The object, not the animal. Dont be ridiculous. Hobbies Taking photos. Being naked. Taking photos of being naked. Music Movies Books TV Art Food ALL FOOD (except the meaty types) Education Ethnicity Birthday aug 16 Who I Idolize Goals Bedtime attire Nerdy Secret Pleasure Sometimes I watch Marvel films and touch myself. Whoops. My Favorite GodsGirls The confused old ladies and innocent girls at church on the #godsgirls tag on instagram. Poor things, they know not what they do. Unicorn or Pegasus? Pegasus. I have enough horn as it is. if Patrick Duffy was shooting lazers at you how would you defend yourself? I'd throw small bits of seafood at his kneecaps My Website