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Name Augusta Age 25 Gender Female Relationship Status In a Relationship Sexy Orientation Straight Occupation you could say i'm a kind of art dealer. Location California Hometown Sign Virgo About Me srsly. im the nicest douche-bag in the world. Why Im a GodsGirl the most beautiful canvas is a woman's nude body. i fully support being part of a friendly community based around that. Superhero Power the power to heal.... wounds, the sick, broken hearts, and anything else that may need it. Sexual fantasy Weapon of Choice the only weapon i need is my wit Hobbies writing, reading, Music my favorites are country, old rock n roll, and anything else with great lyrics. Movies i love horror movies. all the Saw films[except VII], rob zombie movies, late 80's b films about killer theme parks, and anything with adam sandler or sophia bush. Books TV big bang theory, SOA, family guy, workaholics Art thomas kinkade is my favorite Food fast food is my all time favorite. i'm a cheap date. other than that... terryaki skirtsteak, oven fried chicken, crab and cream cheese wontons. yum. Education completed basically a million units in a nutrition/fitness course yet refuse to embrace a healthy lifestyle.... maybe one day.. Ethnicity i just found out i'm 1/32 mexican. Birthday sep 02 Who I Idolize gwen stefani, loretta lynn, and dolly parton Goals write a book, start a family, own a home, have a job doing something i love Bedtime attire my boyfriend makes me sleep naked so i don't get the bed dirty Nerdy Secret Pleasure My Favorite GodsGirls Unicorn or Pegasus? unicorn, because their horns can neutralize poison and THAT is rad. if Patrick Duffy was shooting lazers at you how would you defend yourself? with suzanne somer's thighs My Website