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finally home!! posted : 05/01/09 at 02:34am pst

urg 1:30am and im just getting home. but today was good..but long. worked all day and right after work went down to the echoplex to watch silversun pickups! they were so cute and wonderful..after the show, worked a little, promoting and such. that leaves me here, at home. and im so cozy and cuddling with my gunna pass out.

how was

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hi! posted : 04/28/09 at 10:34pm pst listening to:the beta band

wow, its been soo long since i last wrote. sorry dudes, i was going through some crazy shit. its weird when you have a mental breakdown and no one can fix it except yourself. it made me really uneasy, really anxious, just awful feeling :(

anyway, its in the past and right now im just trying to think positive. although, ive been really hard on

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hi pretty people! posted : 04/10/09 at 03:22pm pst listening to:Bowery Electric

how is everyone?

today is going to be a good day, i can feel it! athough, im super lonely (missin' the bf) :( im motivated to work hard all day!

sooo better smoke a bowl, get dressed, and conquer the world muhahaha

i hope everyone is having a peaceful day!


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omg hate mail! posted : 04/09/09 at 09:31pm pst listening to:mellow mix, duh

please be aware of constant ranting..if you wish to not listen to someone blab about their problems, please stop reading now...

today when i got off work, i think i had the most hate messages ive ever seen on my phone haha

okay, not hate messages but messages that sure did make me sad. ok, my friend, hes super sad right now. hes lonely, he needs a

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new diy blog url posted : 04/08/09 at 04:08pm pst

send me some love!


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