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Our favorite crust punk posted : Feb 23rd, 2009 @ 9:29 am | by : julene | Filed under: Site News

we know you’re dying to have your chance to tell someone you’re big in japan. adneris has been too. mission accomplished.


orian is pretty in (and out) of just about everything we can think of. so it’s hardly any surprise to see she’s seriously pretty in pink.


alice appears to be the most attractive crust punk girl alive in these photos, but she’s assured us her room is usually in a much better state than this.


how long has it been since you last whipped out a parasol for purely devious purposes? if you don’t think it’s possible, watch & learn buddy.


here’s what went on this weekend over at godsgirls…

if you know the definition of “outrageous”, then we’re pretty sure you’ve already met catra. just in case you haven’t, allow us to introduce you two.


factoid of the day : folic acid and folate (the anion form) are forms of a water-soluble B vitamins. these occur naturally in food and can also be taken as supplements. Folate gets its name from the latin word folium, leaf. and now - here’s misha rolling around naked with some oranges.


stiletto is all about showing off the blossom… her awesome blossom if you will. it’s definitely pink instead of orange, but we doubt you’ll mind the color difference.


open trench eh? the urge to make a pun that is in very bad taste is nearly overwhelming… too bad the construction workers tearing up the streets of LA don’t look this good. we wouldn’t mind all the traffic delays if that were the case.


despite her innocent look, and the seeming innocence of “aww… stuffed animals”, leona is pleasantly dirty-minded.


we’re pretty sure that even if these plush dolls could talk, they’d still end up stuttering. ami kinda has that effect.


anyone remember project x when the lady yelled at the chimp for having “playtime” when it was clearly not “playtime”? yeah, well… it’s playtime for violet, so let’s have a look-see.


before you think the furries have yet again infiltrated and taken over yet another great site - we wish to remind you that it’s veruca… and she can do no wrong.


you realize we find links like these to discuss in our forums (and show all the rest of the pictures) on our site, right? if by some freak chance you don’t have a membership already now is a prime time to get one! for a limited time we’re offering this super-cheap membership price to all our friends here on myspace!

each godsgirls photo set has from 50 to 250 really sexy pictures in it. we put up four new sets a day, every day. that’s more pictures in a month than you can count and we have reeeeally extended our offer for you guys here at myspace to join for really cheap. mosey on over and get in on the action, y’all.

so you just bought yourself a membership and now you want more? why don’t you get yourself one of our t-shirts, all of which are printed on super-comfy american apparel t’s! not to mention that we have two new summer designs available… and don’t forget, there’s always a cute pair of panties or a limited edition poster you could hook yourself up with!

why are you still reading this bulletin when we provided you all sorts of interesting links to click and pretty girls to fall in love with? get into it!

think you have what it takes to be a model for us? click here to apply to be a godsgirl!


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