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Take The Crown Interview
by Claire Maxwell

A cult is growing in Southern California. Judging by the speed it is spreading, with its mysterious tattoos appearing in both likely unlikely places, it will be in your town soon. Be prepared. Get out your ski masks, lock up your 14 year olds, stock up on giant Reese's peanut butter cups and Swedish prostitutes before it's too late! Let The Games Begin...

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Take The Crown claim that their band name came from the hardcore band name generator, and once you've watched the interview above and/or hung out with them for a bit, you'll probably realize they might not be joking...

Seriously though, the hard facts are this: originally from Orange County. The first two members of the band actually met while bowling... no, really. Through mutual friends they started the band, starting small, stealing guitar players with presence from other bands, and recording striptease videos to win contests to play at major venues. I'm still not kidding. Do you love them yet? No? Ok, how about that that you'll find them sporting masses of Paul Frank and Active wear (their sponsors) from their socks to their wallets to the towels wrapped around their naked except for one sock skin? STILL not convinced? God what do I have to tell you, though they would like to be signed to a label, they are not into changing our sound for what's popular, and remain indie, unsigned, and unmanaged, but have managed to, with the help of Chris Sorenson of Saosin, produce and release their own EP "Let The Games Begin" which I've heard is flying off the virtual shelves at smartpunk.com.

Ah that did it. Now you are ready to join their cult, um fans that crowd the stage at their shows. They did cancel their originally promised tour, and I promised I wouldn't say why... wait, no I didn't, but it doesn't seem right to give any attention at all to the shady person who caused them to reschedule. But never fear, Beau Bokan (vocals), Nick Coffey (guitar), Tony Gonzalez (guitar), Ryan Wilson (keyboard), James Campbell (bass) and Trevor Bodawitzdjfrennrez will be heading your way in August 2006... if your way is the South East United States. If it isn't, you can do two things: go to their websites www.takethecrown.com and www.myspace.com/takethecrown and get your fill that way, or wait because this six piece band of thrashing melodic Post-Hardcore/Rock/Pop Punk will no doubt be coming to your town soon.

ps. Don't miss our follow-up when we go out with the band for a night of "clubbin"...


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