Band Interview : Fuck The Facts

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Fuck the Facts
interview by aria

Fuck The Facts is a ruthless grindcore band hailing from the Ottawa area in Ontario, Canada. Fuck The Facts (Topon Das, Mel Mongeon, Mathieu Vilandré, Steve Chartier) started out as a solo project by Topon Das almost ten years ago and has never stopped moving forward. The band has grown over the years to what it is today; they are constantly touring, working hard and putting out immensely creative albums.

If you get a chance to see this band live... please, for the love of all that is metal and noise... do it! You will be blown away to the utmost proportions. As a long time Fuck The Facts fan it was a great privilege to be able to ask them a few questions and hopefully introduce more people to this incredible band.

Tell us a little known fact about each band member.

Vil is always reading and lately has even been playing with his book in his back pocket, I think he reads a page here and there between songs. Mel is the worst night driver, and has since been band from driving after it gets dark. It takes her 5 minutes to fall asleep behind the wheel after the sun has gone down. She also can't lift more then 20 pounds. Even though Steve says he hates myspace, he has something like 7 different accounts and is probably the biggest myspace nerd in the band. Sometimes I touch myself at night... and during the day.

What inspired FTF to move from being a solo project to what it is today?

Just seemed like the next logical step. The purpose of a band is to evolve and change; we don't want to remain stagnant and predictable. When I started FTF I knew I wanted it to become a full band, I just needed to get my shit together on my own first.

What city are you looking forward to playing in your upcoming tour?

Halifax and Glace Bay should be fun in the Maritimes. Looking forward to heading back south to Texas, as well as the Maryland Deathfest in May. Probably the most exciting part of being in a band is traveling. So whenever we hit somewhere new it's always cool. Hopefully we'll get to hit up Europe this year as well.



Any funny tour stories?

Touring in general for a band like us is just stupid and funny. If you take this shit too seriously, you're gonna get depressed real fast. We've been touring for 5 years now, so we've collected a good number of stories. People puking on stage, almost forgetting band members at a piss stop, running over animals and then crying, eating road kill because we didn't get our rider at a show, shooting someone that tried to steal our van, forgetting to plug in your guitar for an entire show cause you're too drunk, catching an unknown venereal disease from a groupie, etc...

What are you all listening to at the moment?

At the moment there's nothing that I'm crazy about. I usually go through phases, and listen to things in a certain order. Like right now I'm listening to all the cardboard promo CDs I've collected over the years. Sometimes I'll listen to bands that start with a certain letter, or if something makes me think of a band, I'll dig out the CD again. I do this till I stumble upon something that blows my mind. Then I'll just listen to that album for a long time. In the van we all have our own ipods, CD Players, laptops, etc... So we don't have to listen to someone else's music. We all hate each other's music.



What is your idea of bad music?

There's tons of music and bands that I think are "bad", and most of them sell more records than us. At the same time some people think the music I like is "bad". I try to not over concern myself with music I don't enjoy, and just listen to what I think is good. Some guy could record himself shitting on a microphone and at least one person in the world is gonna think it's brilliant. Just do what you want and listen to what you like, and don't worry about anything else. There's enough music out there for everyone to enjoy.


I really look up to people that are passionate about music and disregard any rules or trends, to just do what they really love. Guys like James Plotkin, Trey Spruance as well as bands like Brutal Truth and Mr. Bungle have always been big influences on me. FTF has gone through changes to band members in the past.


How do you guys adapt to the changes so easily?

Every time a change happens, we have the option of either packing it in or keep going. We've gone through so many now, that it's just become almost a routine and we know how to deal with it. I could probably set my watch to the line-up changes. I think the fact that I started Fuck The Facts by myself makes it a lot easier for me to continue when people leave, rather then if I would have started it as a full band. I would love to have a stable line-up that would never change, but when you play full-time grindcore it's a shit load of work and sacrifice. I can understand why it's not possible for people to keep doing it sometimes.

What do you want to achieve in 2007?

I think every year we've been making big steps and achieving new goals that we set for ourselves. This year we're aiming to do a lot more touring, visit new places, and go back to many of the towns we hit last year. We also making plans for the next album, and will hopefully record it this summer/fall, if all works out. We got a split release idea or 2 in the works, so keep an eye out for that.

Where can the good American people find your CDs?

Most music stores should carry our latest album "Stigmata High-Five". If they don't have it, ask them to get it in. If they say "no", burn down the store. We encourage this sort of thing. Then you can order it from or You can also get our older and some more rare releases from our site.

Fuck The Facts upcoming tour dates can be seen at and includes both Canadian and US venues.